Hatched 2004

Windy- Bald Eagle

Stormy is Windys brother, and they share the same story. Since they were brother and sister, it was hoped that Windy and Stormy would be able to live together at the same facility. The Avian Reconditioning Center came to the rescue, and were able to house both eagles, rounding out the "Grounded Eagle Society", made up of Windy, Stormy, and Ike, our three flightless bald eagles.

As with most raptor species, males and females look alike, but it's quite easy to tell them apart. Windy, being the female, is a full third larger than Stormy! Windy often travels on education programs, visiting schools and students, and teaching them about our wonderful bald eagles. Stormy and Windy both enjoy a good bath from the hose in hot summer weather, and it's a hoot to watch them flap their wings and dance around when they are given a shower.

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Hatched 1993

Issiah (Ike)- Bald Eagle


Hatched 1993

As a young nestling, Isaiah suffered a break in his elbow that did not heal correctly, and left him with a crooked right wing. When time came for the young eaglet to fledge and take his first flight, results proved unsuccessful for Ike, because of his wing injury. His parents could no longer provide the assistance and care necessary for his survival, and Ike was found on the ground scared, hungry and abandoned.

For Isaiah, his injury prevented him from flying, and if it weren't for the people that found him, Isaiah would probably have starved to death in the wild. Fortunately the people that found Isaiah were smart enough to take him to a certified licensed wildlife rehabilitator where he could be cared for properly.

Through examinations, it was conclusive that Isaiah would never be able to be released back into the wild. It was an exciting day when Isaiah arrived as an Education Ambassador for the Avian Reconditioning Center, as we had been searching for a young Bald Eagle.

Ike's absolute favorite time of day is bath-time. He enjoys being showered by a hose, but once he thinks no one is looking, Ike will clumsily make his way into the tub and begin splashing away. It is quite a delight to watch!

In the winter of 1993, a freak storm hit Florida dumping over 2” of snow on the Panhandle and causing violent thunderstorms throughout the state. This terrible storm came to be known as the “Storm of the Century.” In Central Florida, 36 eaglets were found blown out of their nests after this storm. Two of those young birds, a brother and sister, came to be named Windy and Stormy in honor of surviving the storm against great odds.

They arrived at a raptor care facility in a burlap bag cold, hungry and frightened. Both young eaglets had severe fractures of their left wings and required surgery and pins to repair their shattered bones. After months of treatment and rehabilitation, Windy and Stormy lived at another center contentedly for 13 years until their handller developed health problems and was no longer able to work with them. Now we welcome Windy and Stormy home to

Stormy- Bald Eagle