KeeLee was found on the road with an old poorly-healed fracture of her right wing. Her plumage was infested with feather mites. This picture shows her with her juvenile feathers. You can see she is starting to molt into her adult beautiful grey feathers around her neck. Next year she will look more like Pepito, all grey.


KeeLee - Mississippi Kite

Hatched 2017

Hatched 2009

Hatched 2013

Separated from her parents at an early age, Scooter became imprinted on the humans who were caring for her at another facility. Since she did not grow up with role models of her own species, she didn't develop the necessary hunting and survival skills to live successfully in the wild. She now lives with us at ARC where she is kept safe from situations she would not recognize as dangerous.

 Scooter loves to perch in the sun and will also spread her wings wide to ride the wind. Kites are sun lovers, and migrate thousands of miles each year to Brazil to escape the harsh Florida winters.
When perched on display, Scooter is very observant of her surroundings. She enjoys catching bugs that venture too close, and bath time.

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Scooter- Swallow Tailed Kite

As a very young bird, Pepito was transferred to ARC in 2014 from another rehabilitation facility where she lived for 4 weeks. During that time, Pepito suffered damage to the feathers from improper housing and became imprinted on humans.

Since she did not grow up with the role models of her own species, she did not develop the hunting and survival skills necessary to live successfully in the wild. Mississippi Kites are graceful, long-winged raptors spending hours in the air. They spend summers in the southeastern United States (including northern Florida) and then migrate as far south as Argentina in the winter. These birds protect their nests by diving at perceived threats, including humans.

Because of wild hawks in our area we do not free fly our smaller birds, but Pepito has had a bit of training and can fly short distances at ARC.  

​Pepito- Mississippi Kite