Success Stories - Eagle Renesting

So how do you get an eaglet back up a 45ft tree to it's nest?

 Jim Lott a master tree climber

was willing to help.

We placed the eaglet in a duffel bag and attached it to Jim's climbing rope.

He then pulled it up to the nest.

With the eaglet securely back in it's nest, it wasn't long until an adult Bald Eagle started making swoops down toward the tree.

In March 2015, an 8 week old Bald Eagle came to ARC from animal control for evaluation and treatment after falling out of it's nest.

After a few days of rest and rehydration, it was ready to be returned to it's nest.

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A hood was placed on the eaglet. 

The purpose of a hood is to calm the bird.

We checked back a few days later an observed both parents in the area and the eaglet feasting on the catch of the day.