Success Stories - Trapper the Trapper

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Trapper has had an unusual life for a Great Horned Owl.

She was hatched in 2005. As a young outlet she broke her wing  in three places. Because she was unable to fly she was deemed unreleasable.

For several years Trapper has been assisting The Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI) capture and tag Swallow Tailed Kites. (This is how she obtained her name.) They have an ongoing research study about the kites migration and their long term survival. The trapping method does not harm Trapper or the kites.

In 2014 Trapper had some scar tissue removed from her eyelid. A biopsy was taken and the results showed she had a squamous cell carcinoma. With the help of Dr. Priehs of Animal Eye Associates, we started her chemotherapy. After her treatments, her follow up visit showed that her tissue looks normal.

Trapper is one special owl.