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13th Annual Owl Fest

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Lights Out: There are some migratory birds that travel at night using stars. Having lights on, the birds become disoriented and can fly into windows and buildings.

Clean Your Bird Feeders: Dirty feeders spread disease

Plant Native: Provides food, nest sites and cover for birds. Many habitats are disapperaing

Avoid Chemicals: Birds may eat pesticides, herbicide pellets and prey that have been poisoned.

Recycle: So simple. Birds can mistakenly eat plastic trash and become ill or die. Avoiding plastic bags and bottles also reduces pollution  and conserve resources.

Slow Down Driving: Give birds time to get out of the way


​Owl Fest this year was a great success. The day was filled with family fun events.

There were flight demonstrations ​throughout the day, live music to keep us singing along, and plenty of things to keep the kids busy having fun and learning at the same time.

Thank you to all our vendors for their tasty delights  and helped us shop for those holiday gifts.

Gina Kent from ARCI

attaching GPS/GSM transmitter on Apopka

APOPKA Update:

Always fun and educational.

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Roaming Raptors:

Apopka arrived back in Florida on April 9th, 2018, returning from his 10 thousand mile migration down to Brazil and back. 

ARC released Apopka at Lake Apopka in June of 2017.

He has now been tracked as of August 31,2018, in Panama. He is about to cross through very remote areas of the Andes Mountains and Amazon Basin. For this reason we might loose his signal, but will keep you posted.

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