Do you ever wonder what it would be like to work with birds of prey? Did you know not all owls hoot? Once you have been introduced to birds of prey you can't get enough. Our raptor followers have asked for more videos and we listened.

The  Avian Reconditioning Center is proud to announce our new YouTube channel! This has been a fun project for all involved and we will be uploading videos frequently so keep checking the channel. You can access us from our webpage here or on YouTube by searching Avian Reconditioning Center. Don't forget to subscribe!

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At the Avian Reconditioning Center, it is always our goal when a bird is brought in, that we help rehabilitate it and release it back into the wild.

Unfortunately that is not always the case. This juvenile Red-tailed Hawk sustained an injury to her wing. She would not be able to hunt and take care of herself on her own.

With the help of our falconer Meredith, these two volunteers Ale and Bill, are teaching the hawk glove training. Although there are many hours of training and much patience, this hawk is young and eager to learn.

Thanks to our volunteers, this beautiful Red-tailed hawk will become an Educational Ambassador.


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